We’re back!

We’re back, with a new website and a new look 🙂
This is our first blog post so I’ll tell you a bit about us. We are a mother / daughter team and we hand make original and unique pet collars. We specialise in Cat collars but also make dog collars, especially martingale collars for greyhounds. As I’m now the proud owner of two greyhounds I know how hard it is to get one to fit – my guys can easily wiggle out of a regular collar and disappear from sight within seconds, so the design for our martingales have been successfully tried and tested!
We live in Dublin, Ireland and work from home. Between us we have four cats and three dogs.
We try sell at as many cat shows as we can around Ireland, there isn’t that many, maybe 4 or 5 a year. Our Swarovski crystal cat and kitten collars are our best sellers, but if your cat scratches or is not used to wearing a collar than I recommend one of our lighter nylon designs to start with to get them used to collars.

We can make a collar to suit any pet, our rates are very reasonable so please email for a quote if you would like something special designed and custom fit for your pet.