How to fit a Martingale collar

A Martingale Collar provides control over a dog without choking it. Although the design is similar to that of a slip collar, a Martingale does not put pressure on the dog’s neck and cause choking.

Martingale collars work best with dogs whose necks are larger than their heads and are more secure than buckle collars.

How to measure your dog

How to measure your dog

A – Around the widest part of the head, just in front of the ears. This measurement is most important if the collar is for a non-sighthound.
B – The narrowest point of your dogs neck.
C – Where you would like your collar to sit on your dog’s neck.

To measure your dog for a Martingale Collar, use either a soft measuring tape or a piece of string.

Take the measurements at points A, B and C as specified in the diagram. (Point A and B will be pretty much the same in sighthounds, but will differ in non-sighthounds.)
Choose the smallest size available that fit over point B, but make sure that the collar is not too large to fit correctly at Point C.

If your dog falls out of the averages or you are unsure which size would suit best, please include your dogs *measurements on your order and send a separate email to

*No refund/exchange on custom designs for incorrect sizing.

Disclaimer: Please remove the Martingale collar from your dog whenever they are left alone.